Artists to Watch Out for in 2019

These are the artists that will explode in 2019. Ava Max As per usual, the U.S. is always the last to get hip on new artists and songs. Ava Max’s breakout smash hit, “Sweet but Psycho,” has already reached #1 in 15 countries including three consecutive weeks (and counting) in the U.K. Max’s smash hit recalls the candy-coated daydream of 2010 Katy Perry with the … Continue reading Artists to Watch Out for in 2019

10 New Songs To Start Off Your Week (7/23)

1. Billie Eilish, “you should see me in a crown” On her latest single, Billie leans more into her alternative side. “Crown” is a patchwork of twitching beats and ballsy proclamation. The most stunning feature of this song is the stark contrast between softness and loudness in both the vocal performance and overall production. This contrast works as a perfect metaphor for the battle between … Continue reading 10 New Songs To Start Off Your Week (7/23)

Top 30 Songs of 2018 (So Far…)

  30. Cardi B, “Get Up 10” (from Invasion of Privacy) If there was a female version of Meek Mill’s perennial “Dreams and Nightmares,” it would be this fiery and impassioned opener to Cardi B’s debut album. The track details Bardi’s astronomical rise to fame with lines like, “Look, they gave a bitch two options: strippin’ or lose / Used to dance in a club right … Continue reading Top 30 Songs of 2018 (So Far…)

Top 30 Hidden Gems of 2017

In addition to great singles and even greater albums, there were some truly amazing album tracks or standalone singles that deserve their recognition. Here I rank the top 30 album tracks of 2017. To be included on this list, the track must be a song on an album released in 2017 that was not promoted to radio. #30. Lana Del Rey, “Cherry” (from Lust for Life) … Continue reading Top 30 Hidden Gems of 2017