Track Review: Megan Thee Stallion, “Plan B”

For A-list artists, Coachella has become more of a promotional stop than a simple music and arts festival. While no has seized the opportunity quite like Beyoncé did with Homecoming, Megan Thee Stallion crafted a memorable Coachella moment of her own when she debuted a brand new song entitled “Plan B.” Officially released on digital platforms in time for the second weekend of the festival, “Plan B” is one of Megan’s best songs since Fever.

Over a sleek flip of a Jodeci “Freek’n You” sample, Megan lays into an ex-lover and lambasts him for his shortcomings, his faults, and all of the time that she wasted on him. “Damn, I see you still kick it with them opp bitches / I’m the only reason that your goofy ass got bitches,” she spits. “Plan B” is a stark musical departure from Megan’s recent offerings, namely the poptastic Dua Lipa-assisted “Sweetest Pie.” “Plan B” saunters into a decidedly 90’s East Coast vibe as Megan emulates the aggression of Lil’ Kim and Eve in the verses before leaning into Queen Latifah’s legacy with a hook that champions independence and empowerment. “Ladies, love yourself, ’cause this shit could get ugly / That’s why it’s, “Fuck niggas, get money’,” she preaches with so much conviction you’d think she’s behind a pulpit instead of in the booth. “Plan B” is a track that submerges itself in the bitterness and scathing hurt that follow nasty breakups and Megan is unapologetic about those sentiments in the way she snarls through her bars and throws the whole weight of her being behind lines like “I don’t give a fuck if that nigga leaves tonight.”

Something For Thee Hotties was a subtle reminder that Megan really spits, but “Plan B” is a promising look at what’s in store for her second studio album.

Score: 75

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