Track Review: Lizzo, “About Damn Time”

After taking some time to regroup following the middling reception of her Cardi B-assisted “Rumors,” Lizzo has made her grand return with the proper lead single for her upcoming studio album. “About Damn Time” officially ushers in the Special era with a spunky ode to disco and funk music stylings.

In every sense, “About Damn Time” is a quintessential Lizzo record. The chugging bassline establishes an irresistible groove over which Lizzo delivers classic Instagram-ready lyrics like “It’s bad bitch o’clock, yeah, it’s thick-thirty.” From her belts in the pre-chorus to the resplendent brass section, every element of “About Damn Time” works together to coalesce into one of the most bulletproof pop radio singles in recent memory. If this was sung by any other artist, the track would crumble under the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and the unabashedly “feel-good” aura. The fact that “About Damn Time” works is a testament to what Lizzo brings to the table. She adds some texture to the track by incorporating a bit of gravel and grit into her belts to contrast the song’s overall sleekness. Furthermore, her effervescent personality and natural star quality radiate through every lyric; who else could sell a lyric like “feelin’ fussy, walkin’ in my Balenci-ussies?!”

“About Damn Time” is a calculated choice for a lead single. It’s almost too perfectly packaged for surefire success which makes it less musically interesting than “Rumors.” Nevertheless, this is a feel-good anthem that draws on the longing for happiness and fun without explicitly tying itself to the terrors of the recent past. Is the song safe? Yes, but the goal here isn’t innovation, it’s celebration and Lizzo achieves that goal effortlessly.

Score: 75

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