New Artist Spotlight: “Nice 2 Meet Ya,” Keisha Monique!

New York-based singer, songwriter, and dancer Keisha Monique should be one of the primary indie artists on your radar right now. Her new single, “Nice 2 Meet Ya,” is an infectious lovestruck summer jam that is guaranteed to get you on your feet. Inspired by the way her and her boyfriend met, Keisha delivers an impassioned and flirtatious vocal performance packed with impressive riffs and a strong climatic belt. The song features Allon, an Afro-Colombian artist who perfectly matches the energy that Keisha brings to the table.

It can be very easy for art to reflect how dreary the world is, but “Nice 2 Meet Ya” makes an effort to remind us to truly live. In an exclusive interview with Black Boy Bulletin, Keisha remarked that she makes music that “feels like [she’s] living.” The song’s fusion of aspects of reggaeton, R&B, dance, and ritmo exotico drive this point home. “We’re in the summer! It’s the perfect Hot Girl Summer joint,” Keisha added. The echoes of reggaeton carry a specific weight for Keisha, an artist who was raised on the Black roots of the genre and has her grievances with how whitewashed the genre has become as it has increased in popularity. “It’s a love-hate relationship,” Keisha said. “I grew up on [reggaeton], but I grew up on Black reggaeton… it’s become a bit washed and been catered to a certain audience.” As a bilingual Afro-Latina, Keisha’s perspectives on music and the evolution of certain genres are nuanced and layered. Her identity and every part of who she is impacts her creative process.

To that point, Keisha also teased an upcoming project from Musas, the band she formed with her talented sisters. “I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else,” she gushed, “we’re doing a little afrobeats, some reggaeton, two songs that are mostly R&B… almost all of it was composed by my third sister, she’s 15. She’s crazy.” As for her solo endeavors, Keisha explained that the pandemic was part of the reason why her attention shifted to Musas, but she is planning to put out an EP in the coming months and hopes to film a music video for “Nice 2 Meet Ya.” The pandemic had a very specific impact on the entertainment industry. In fact, “Nice 2 Meet Ya” was recorded, mixed, and mastered completely remotely. It’s a testament to the chemistry Keisha and DJ Bunde, the song’s producer, have; the song really feels seamless. “Nice 2 Meet Ya” slides between English and Spanish, and the lyrics and structure reflect a flirty back and forth between two potential love interests meeting for the first time. Keisha moved to the States about five years ago, and she makes it a point to praise her parents and acknowledge her opportunities whenever she can. You can hear her drive in the way she speaks about music, and you can hear the love she has for the art of music in every note of “Nice 2 Meet Ya.”

Listen to “Nice 2 Meet Ya” here.

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