Track Review: Kelly Rowland Drops “Crazy” New Single

After teasing the beginning of a new era with “Coffee,” Kelly Rowland has returned with a new single as 2020 starts to draw to a close.

“Crazy,” an infectious house-influenced uptempo track, is the better of Kelly’s two singles this year and a promising look at what she has in store for her new album. With a thumping danceable bass line, “Crazy” takes the groundwork that “Coffee” laid and builds something more exciting on top of it. Kelly’s smoky and slightly raspy tone is the perfect complement to the bouncy production. Like “Coffee,” Kelly sings about her bedroom escapades with lyrics like “I’m a big girl, baby, I can take it/Wanna make it up? You know we both better naked” and “Love me, touch me, baby/Hug me, fuck me crazy.” She employs a rap/sung cadence on the verses which morphs into standard singing by the time she hits the sublime pre-chorus. Unfortunately, the steady buildup of the song results in an anticlimactic hook that features no substantial shift in the instrumental and lazy songwriting. It’s not awful enough to ruin the whole song, but it does put a slight damper on the whole affair. Hopefully, this song gets some solid promotion and a nice video, because there is a lot of potential here.

Score: 65

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