Bree Runway & Maliibu Miitch Join Forces On “Gucci”

The female rap renaissance is still in high gear. This year alone Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, Nicki Minaj, Saweetie, and more have broken records and reached new career heights. Up next, we have Bree Runway and Maliibu Miitch.

Hailing from Hackney, England, Bree Runway is a charismatic and animated pop star that effortlessly blends rap, R&B, and pop into one explosive bubble of artistry. Her collaborator on this track, the Bronx-raised Maliibu Miitch, is more rap-oriented, and she shines in her freestyles and in cyphers. Together, the two women have joined forces on “Gucci,” a funky anthem uplifting the beauty and inimitability of Black women. Over a Moon Willis beat, Bree lays down a hook that Pop radio would be remiss not to touch. She sings: “Gucci like a girl they can call/Got a lot of nice things I need to know/Hella propositions on my phone.” In the context of the constant disrespect and dehumanization of dark skinned black women in the beauty and fashion industries, these lyrics are incredibly impactful. About the song, Bree said, “I chose to adore my skin and celebrate my African features, and to ooze opulence. I’m a special diamond, and although sometimes the world wants to rob me of that perception, I refuse to forget.” “Gucci” is an anthem as much as it is a wake-up call for outdated beauty standards. In addition, Maliibu’s gritty and menacing tone offers a welcome contrast to Bree’s lighter tone. In fact, their tones are polar opposites and the most important elements of the track. Both tones display a kind of confidence — Bree’s is playfully cocky while Malliibu’s is more minacious. This balance gives the track the proper fullness that it needs to achieve maximum potential. Between the bouncy production, the stunning music video, and the allure of these two rappers, there’s not much holding back “Gucci” from being a hit.

“Gucci” is yet another slam dunk for the worldwide female rap renaissance.

Score: 71

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