New Artist Spotlight: Sev7en Taylor

Welcome back to New Artist Spotlight! For the latest installment, I’ll be highlighting Sev7en Taylor, an openly gay Black rapper that holds absolutely nothing back. Last month, Sev7en debuted “Sodom and Gomorrah,” the latest single from his upcoming EP, The Disobedience of Jimmie Taylor due July 17.

The new track is five slow-burning minutes of Sev7en taking no prisoners and talking his shit. His flow on the track is reminiscent of Lil Kim in his enunciation, and the lethal pointed delivery recalls the heyday of Foxy Brown. In fact, Foxy gets a shoutout on the track with the line “feeling like Foxy on that Broken Silence,” a reference to the New York rapper’s legendary album. “Sodom and Gomorrah” is stacked with tight wordplay and punchlines, but it’s that chilling delivery and intentional flow that really carries the track and individualizes Sev7en. The understated production is a welcome change of pace from the beat-driven rap anthems of recent years, and the softer sound allows for the focus to be on Sev7en and what he brings to the table. His pen is sharp and he shows a lot of promise with this track. Sev7en is focused and unbothered, he knows what the future has in store for him is greater than anything the haters have to say.

Sev7en has something special going for him, and it’s going to be exciting watching him grow and evolve.

The Disobedience of Jimmie Taylor drops July 17 on all platforms.

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