Track Review: Brandy Previews New Album with “Baby Mama”

Brandy is back! After her Grammy-nominated duet with Daniel Caesar, “Love Again,” and an excellent loosie titled “Freedom Rings,” The Vocal Bible is back with the lead single for her upcoming seventh studio album: “Baby Mama (feat. Chance the Rapper).”

The groovy new track has bold brassy undertones that soundtrack Brandy’s heartfelt dedication to single mothers. As per usual, Brandy’s exquisite vocal stacks and brilliant ear for harmonies add a fullness to the track that isn’t easily replicated. The production itself is actually quite interesting; the drum pattern is reminiscent of the trap&b sound of Summer Walker, but the use of analog instruments gives it a cleaner and less murky sound. Lyrically, the song flips the colloquial idea of the term “baby mama” and it instead turns it into a term celebrating the hardwork and sacrifice of single mothers for their children. Often, music can get stuck in covering the same three or four topics, so this is a welcome and admirable change of pace. Chance the Rapper delivers and utterly forgettable guest verse that adds nothing to the song. If anything, his verse deprived Brandy of the opportunity to employ a bridge to properly build up to that sublime final chorus and a capella outro.

“Baby Mama” is a solid introduction to Brandy’s new musical era, and it would be amazing if the album contained some of the edgier rock-influenced R&B she explore on songs such as “Freedom Rings” and “Beggin & Pleadin.”

Score: 72

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