Darion Harris Previews Debut Album With New Single “Asthma”

Darion Harris is back! I last covered the rising rapper for the release of his powerful and political single, “Black KID.” Now, Darion has returned with the latest single off his debut album, “Asthma,” a collaboration with Church Leon. The funky new track is reminiscent of the bouncy R&B found on Childish Gambino’s latest album, 3.15.20. Here’s what Darion had to say about the new song:

“This single for me is about being young and just not having a care in the world. Once I heard the guitar melody, I instantly thought of Spongebob – his approach to his day job perfectly embodied that carelessness. When writing the track, his way of life heavily influenced the picture I paint with my verses.”


In this life of social distancing and self-quarantine, it often feels like we’re slipping into a mood of monotony with no sense of direction. The urgency of the bright instrumental helps us break out of that routine, if only for a few minutes. “Asthma” is simultaneously a rejection of society’s expectations and a celebration of individuality. Moreover, even though the world is physically more separate than we’re used to, “Asthma” finds a sly way to unite two artists across borders. Church Leon, a New Zealand rapper, delivers a great guest verse that complements Darion’s eclectic style and the hopeful undertone of the song. Their collaboration has resulted in a track that is uplifting and entertaining; it’s the remedy for a boring quarantine life without taking itself too seriously. If Darion’s debut album has more effortlessly great tracks like these, it is sure to be a smash album.

Listen to “Asthma” here.

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