Track Review: Little Mix Scores Big With “Break Up Song”

One thing is for certain, Little Mix’s longevity and sustained worldwide success is undeniably impressive. The 2010s weren’t particularly kind to girl groups but with solid albums like LM5 and fun singles like “Bounce Back” that were admittedly ahead of their time, Little Mix has remained strong and steady. On their brand new single, “Break Up Song” the girls move into new sonic territory, but remain in a similar thematic vein to most of their previous work.

“Break Up Song” fits in with the 80s pop throwback wave that has taken over pop music this year. In a similar way to The Weeknd‘s “Blinding Lights,” Lady Gaga‘s “Stupid Love,” and Dua Lipa‘s “Physical,” Little Mix’s new track is built on bright and bouncy synths. Unlike the aforementioned songs, however, there is a stark melancholic mood to the song. Gone are the explosive power-pop tracks like “Woman Like Me” or “Wings,” this is a self-aware anthem — one that balances the emotional heft of ballads with the quick pace of typical pop bangers. The song’s post-chorus is its shining moment; the beat breakdown coupled with the group’s tight harmonies are simply to die for. The end of the bridge also features a sublime vocal climax that leads into perfectly placed ad-libs on the final chorus. In previous eras, Little Mix tended to be slightly behind whatever the current music trend was, but they are right on the nose with “Break Up Song.” This should be a nice-sized hit for them.

Score: 65


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