Track Review: Jojo Previews New Album With “Man”

Ever since Jojo made the genius decision to re-record her first two album (Jojo and The High Road), she has been blessing us with killer singles as she gears up to release her fourth studio album, good to know, which is due in May. Last year, Jojo put out “Joanna,” a scathing self-deprecating ballad that was easily one of the year’s most underrated tracks, and “Sabotage,” a moody midtempo collab with CHIKA about relationship woes. Remarkably, neither of these tracks appear on the current track listing for good to know. Instead, Jojo has given us “Man,” a slinky R&B/pop midtempo in which she lists her wants and needs in a partner.

Jojo, known for her pristine powerhouse vocals, goes for a more restrained performance on this track. “Man” features a soft drum pattern, finger snaps, and a delicate guitar melody that complements her intricate background harmonies and ad-libs. The percussion and melody of the hook is strikingly similar to Kiana Ledé’s “Ex,” which is great because that song is also awesome. The track is a very low-key affair; there are no big vocal moments, nor is the bridge the shining moment that it had the potential to be. “Man” is a bit reserved for a lead single, but it definitely does a solid job at defining Jojo’s sound for her upcoming album and she sounds excellent on this track.

Score: 65


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