Review: Megan Thee Stallion Tries On A New Sound with “B.I.T.C.H.”

Megan has quickly become known for a high-energy uptempo banger. Last year, she exploded onto the scene with three insanely catchy back-to-back hits. “Big Ole Freak” flipped a soul sample into a sex anthem, the DaBaby-featuring “Cash S**t” was full of intense rapid-fire delivery, and the Nicki Minaj/Ty Dolla $ign team-up, “Hot Girl Summer,” was the bouncy and triumphant close to her Summer ’19 run.

For her first solo track of 2020, she dropped a song with Normani for the Birds of Prey soundtrack two weeks ago, Megan opts for a more layered and laid back production style. Built around a sample of Tupac’s “Ratha Be Ya Nigga,” Megan demands respect and stands confident and self-assured as she raps lines about how her worth is not defined by her romantic relationships. An entire series of books could be written about the history and evolution of the word “bitch,” but on this new track, Megan reclaims the slur and uses it as a badge of pride. If being sexually liberated, living life on her own terms, and putting herself first makes her a “bitch,” Megan is proud of it. One of the track’s most memorable lines? “But it’s 2020, I ain’t finna argue ’bout twerkin’.” If you’ve been following the social media discourse about Megan, you know that bar is exactly the sort of one-liner that perfectly addresses the situation without letting it dominate her artistry.

As opposed to the energetic atmosphere of tracks like “Realer” and “Freak Nasty,” Megan goes for a sultrier midtempo backed by a surprisingly pleasant vocal performance. She gave us a hint of her vocal prowess on Fever‘s “Best You Ever Had,” but her singing is far more effective as a background element on “B.I.T.C.H.” The song lacks the instant x-factor that made made “Big Ole Freak,” “Cash S**t,” and “Hot Girl Summer” so irresistible, but after a couple of listens “B.I.T.C.H.” proves itself to be a solid, and ultimately rewarding, listen.

Score: 70


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