Lizzo & Ariana Grande Join Forces on “Good as Hell” Remix

Lizzo and Ariana have been two of the most successful and dominant artists of 2019. Their Cuz I Love You and thank u, next albums were soundtracks for all of the stages of love, and their #1 hits, “Truth Hurts” and “7 rings,” were empowering and endlessly fun. These two talented ladies have now joined forces on the new remix to Lizzo’s rising hit, “Good As Hell.”

Single artwork for “Good As Hell (Remix)” via Atlantic Records.

“Good As Hell” was originally released in 2016, but through various commercial syncs and the general rise of Lizzo’s profile thanks to “Truth Hurts,” the song is currently experiencing a massive resurgence. On this new remix, the arrangement is exactly the same as the original. The only thing that really changes is a short new Ariana verse, some new Ariana ad-libs here and there, and some brief moments of harmony between the two vocalists. Ariana’s silky voice offers a welcome contrast to Lizzo’s raspy and brassy tone. They two singers employ different interpretations of the Motown/soul vocal stylings that influence most of the record.

That being said, remixes that don’t actually re-mix the song are lazy and boring. A 20-second long new verse and “yuh’s” and “yee’s” are not going to cut it. This was the opportunity to switch up the arrangement and offer a fresh version of the song. The two artists could have traded off original verses, tried more captivating harmonies in the bridge and final-chorus, and even spruce up the production a bit. At best, this remix will help boost “Good as Hell” even higher up the charts. At worst, this remix dilutes the anticipation for a Lizzo/Ariana collaboration on a new or original song.

Score: 67


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