Red Velvet Devotes Their Latest Mini-Album to Escapism (Review)

If it feels like the world is ending, you may be right and it wouldn’t be hyperbole. Climate change is raging, the Amazon is up in flames, and ICE is still an abomination. Many artists have made beautifully challenging work that is overtly political in the face of our global woes. While these albums are gorgeous, music should function as a form of escapism as much as it reflects the world around us. On their latest release, ‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2 – EP, K-pop girl group Red Velvet creates a candy-coated world of sugar pop tracks and beckons us to join their euphoria.

Source: AllKPop

“Umpah Umpah,” the first song on the EP, is the perfect song to kick things off. While it isn’t impressive in terms of its lyricism, the bombastic sound and gleeful vocal performances alert the listener that this will be a rollercoaster of fun. The straightforward pop sound is further explored on the following tracks, “Carpool” and “Love Is The Way.” The latter two tracks pull from the 1980s and focus more on vocal dynamics. The ladies then shift to a 60’s sound on “Jumpin’.” This song sounds straight out of a classic American diner, it’s incredible how influential that era of American media continues to be. The real stars of the show are the final two tracks, “Ladies Night” and “Eyes Locked, Hands Locked.” The former is basically a showcase for the group’s vocals. Wendy, a fan favorite of Red Velvet, hits a stunning B5 and decorates the track with runs that effortless shift from her head voice to her chest voice. “Eyes Locked” is the best song on the album, the shift to R&B is a welcome change from the saccharine pop of the previous tracks.

‘The ReVe Festival’ Day 2 – EP showcases Red Velvet’s vocal agility and versatility. It’s also a solid record for those looking to further explore K-Pop.

Key Tracks: “Ladies Night”; “Eyes Locked, Hands Locked”

Score: 69


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