Dropped: Dryx, ‘purification EP’

I interviewed Dryx back in December 2017. At the time, he had only released his debut album, Player 3, which featured such stellar cuts as “Scared of Love”; “Backseat”; and “Proposal.” Since that interview, Dryx has released two more EPs, L³ and his latest, purification.

With just four tracks, purification, is Dryx’s shortest project yet, but it is easily his most focused. As a whole, the EP mainly exists in the mid-tempo lane. This is a choice that could backfire for many artists, but for Dryx, his lyrical prowess and sheer musical talent allows him to pull this off. “Infinite” introduces the EP with trap and rock influences; the sublime guitar solo on the bridge recalls the rock&B moments on his last EP. Dryx has always hailed Beyoncé as one of his musical influences because of how she arranges her vocals. That influence is clearly evident in “Infinite” as Dryx elevates what could be a standard modern R&B track to something much greater with his background harmonies.

Album artwork for ‘purification EP’

Romen, who I recently interviewed for New Artist Spotlight, makes an appearance on the EP’s second track, “i cried.” The stunning duet is not only beautifully written, but also beautifully arranged. Both artists are vocal powerhouses, but they’re also smart musicians, so they don’t overwhelm the track with unnecessary runs and riffs. The ascending harmonies are reminiscent of classic gospel, and their chemistry is undeniable. “Lately,” follows as the EP’s penultimate track. Here, Dryx shows off his songwriting prowess on this emotional track. Finally, “don’t come running back” closes the EP. The guitar-based track is a welcome change from the melodic trap R&B that dominated most of the EP. The shift from digital to analog instrumentation signals a change in perspective. Lyrically, this song takes on a slightly more sinister iteration of confidence that is a nice contrast to the rest of the project. It’s also important to note that the lyrics on purification do not feature any pronouns which makes the music universally accessible; this is incredible, especially for a genre that often reinforces the gender binary.

Purification is what happens when an artist continues to hone their craft and sharpen their skills. These four tracks alone put Dryx in the “greatest current male R&B artists” conversation.

Listen to purification here.

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