Darion Harris Achieves New Heights with “Black KID”

Rising New York rapper Darion Harris has been making waves with his unique blend of rap, house, trap, and dance music. He’s a musical chameleon that isn’t afraid to take risks. On his new single, “Black KID,” Darion takes a turn for the political and tackles his identity. Overall, the result is fantastic.

Official artwork for “Black KID” via Apple Music.

With a cadence reminiscent of Childish Gambino on “This Is America,” Darion raps about the fraught experience of living as a young Black man in America. With references to Trayvon in the lyrics, there is a genuine emotional undertone to Darion’s delivery which makes the song feel authentic. The flow around “Pretty boy coming from Africa/Melanin coming from Africa” and
“Columbus, you know you feeling it/That’s why you go and go stealing it” is also incredibly catchy. It’s cocky, teasing, and uplifting all at the same time.

The production is the real star of the song with a skittering bass line and drowned out sirens. With whistles, risers, and a sparkling trap foundation, the production on “Black KID” is never stagnant and always evolving. It keeps you hooked. The frantic production is indicative of the anxiety and stress that comes with living while Black. Every element of the song lends itself to the overall theme, which is exactly what a good song should strive to accomplish. If only, the song was longer. At just under 3 minutes, “Black KID” leaves you wanting more and excited for what Darion will do next.

Score: 80

Listen to “Black KID” here.


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