Favorite #2: Gallant, “Sharpest Edges”

Single artwork for “Sharpest Edges” via Apple Music.

Currently, one of my favorite songs is “Sharpest Edges” by Gallant. Gallant has been dropping genuinely great and authentic R&B music for years. His Ology album is one of the best of this decade and “Gentleman,” his 2018 single, is a stunning piece of music.

His first new release of 2019, “Sharpest Edges” is an ode to women who will ruin Gallant’s life, but he’s perfect okay with that. Also, the song is about the world and life in general. Gallant croons “You’re broken in places that don’t see the light/But that doesn’t stop me from spending the night,” he is not letting anything prevent living life/being with this woman, even if it hurts him.

“Sharpest Edges” shows marked growth from Gallant’s three-year old debut album. He trades quiet croons for a funkier instrumental and more animated vocal performances. The change fits him well, and the song is an undeniable hit.

Stream “Sharpest Edges” here.

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