Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Reunite on “Señorita”

If “If I Can’t Have You” was Shawn’s big bombastic pop jam, then “Señorita” is its sultry and more mature old sibling.

Shawn and Camila first collaborated on the highly underrated “I Know What You Did Last Summer” a few years ago. Since then both artists have grown into global superstars with even stronger ears for music.

Single artwork for “Señorita” via Apple Music.

“Señorita” is a flirty love song about two people who meet on the dance floor and go back to the hotel to hook up. Turns out, the guy doesn’t know the girl’s name, but it doesn’t matter because she “loves it when [he] calls [her] Señorita.” Evidently, the song isn’t very special from a lyrical standpoint. Nevertheless, there are some strong moments of imagery: “Sapphire and moonlight/We danced for hours and then sang Tequila Sunrise.”

This duet has slight Latin influences (mainly the principal guitar melody) but it is mainly Camila joining Shawn in his element: acoustic pop. It would’ve been nice to see Shawn drop the guitar and go full pop power ballad like “Never Be The Same” or bust out some choreography in a “Havana”-esque song. At the very least, this blend of their two styles works well.

Shawn’s voice is the star of “Señorita.” He has developed the perfect ever-so-slightly raspy but always coy and sexy falsetto that really makes this song pop. Camila, on the other hand, gives a dedicated vocal performance that could have benefited from a bit more control. Her featured turn on Mark Ronson’s “Find U Again,” featured her strongest and most controlled vocal performance to date, and she should’ve stayed in that vein on this new track. Camila has a tendency to sound a bit squeaky at times which unfortunately occurred on “Señorita.”

It is important to note that “Señorita” seems to veer a bit close to self-fetishization which makes it a mildly uncomfortable listen.

All in all, it’s a fine track and will probably be a hit, but something new would be appreciated from Shawn.

Score: 68


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