Cardi B Takes on the “Press” with New Single

Multi-platinum and Grammy-winning recording artist, Cardi B, is one of the biggest stars on the planet. She is constantly a trending topic for some reason or another, and on her latest single, Cardi takes no prisoners as she puts her foot down: “Press, press, press, press, press/Cardi don’t need more press!”

Cardi B “Press” single cover. Source: Apple Music

Cardi’s first standalone single post-Invasion of Privacy, “Money” was a glossy trap ode to her massive whirlwind success. She then followed that up with the Bruno Mars duet, “Please Me,” a Jodeci-sampling sex anthem that admittedly fell flat. Now, we have “Press.” This new track is more in the vein of the brasher rap tracks on Privacy like “Bodak Yellow” or “Money Bag.” The hard-hitting trap beat is accentuated by electronica-influenced flourishes. The production is uniform enough to fit nicely into Cardi’s discography, but unique enough to signal some inch of growth. “Press” is strong, but Cardi’s flow is all too familiar; about halfway through the track, it feels as if you’ve heard the song before. Furthermore, the lyricism isn’t impressive, it is more the delivery and overall vibe that truly carry “Press.”

The worst part of “Press” is Cardi’s stale flow. Thankfully, the sublime chorus and 21 Savage-esque second verse offset any regression the Cardi’s flow caused. The chorus on “Press” is Cardi’s catchiest since “Bodak Yellow,” it’s fierce, fiery, and utterly ferocious. The second “pop up, guess who bitch!” is incredible! Cardi sounds fed up and there’s true passion behind her voice and delivery. Moreover, Cardi slightly whispers the second verse which creates an unsettling and quiet intensity. This is key, because Cardi has a tendency to yell at a constant volume on her tracks. “Press” offers something different, albeit in a recognizable packaging.



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