Iggy Azalea’s “Started” Deserves to Be a Legitimate Hit

Newly independent recording artist Iggy Azalea has been consistently delivering solid songs and stronger visuals. Her rebrand has been genius — a return to the valley girl southern trap of her mixtape days. Fortunately, Iggy knows better than to chase pop hits and is returning to what got her a record deal in the first place. Her Kream EP was a formidable return to form, and the bass-driven “Sally Walker” garnered a lot of well-deserved attention. Now, Iggy has released another track from her upcoming In My Defense album, “Started.”

“Started” Artwork. Source: iTunes.

Self-written and produced by J. White (“Sally Walker”; Cardi B’s “Money”), “Started” is built around a sparse electronica-influenced bass line and a braggadocious Drake-inspired hook. Iggy chants “I started from the bottom and now I’m rich/I got in my bag and I ain’t looked back since” in a self-aware tone that is equal parts inspirational and playful.

Iggy’s tone is probably the only thing that will hold some audience’s back from fully enjoying started. Her much-debated “blaccent” isn’t audible on this track, but her voice just has a weird tone that sounds forced at times. Furthermore, the bridge is fairly weak, but it eventually becomes more enjoyable with more listeners. Despite these detractors, “Started” still feels authentic and true to Iggy’s artistry. She doesn’t sound like she is trying to replicate past hits (ahem, “Beg For It”) or bite someone else’s style.

The verses are “Started” are much stronger than those on “Sally Walker.” Both verses are delivered with unwavering confidence, and her flow is impressive. Iggy snarls this lethal line, “I look good for myself, I got no one to impress/You better ask your GPS, I ain’t the one to address,” with so much attitude, you have to run the track back. Her use of idioms as double-entendres and metaphors are smart and well-utilized. Iggy is really pushing her pen. She may not be a star lyricist, but there is obvious effort in her writing. “Started” is a fun track, that shows obvious intention, care, and passion. Listen to “Started” here.

Score: 60

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