Lil Uzi Returns with Two New Bangers

After what has felt like an eternity of label troubles, album delays, and an overall drought of content from Uzi, he has finally returned with two solo tracks. Both tracks are natural evolutions from Luv Is Rage 2.

The first, “Sanguine Paradise,” is built around muffled horns and a striking piano melody. It is around these two elements that Uzi builds his personal utopia. This is a decidedly poppier track than “Free Uzi” and Uzi revels in the bliss of his success and wealth: “I got different color on my diamonds, I can’t even see the time.” Whether this celebration is genuine or just Uzi trying to convince himself in the face of his darker reality is up to interpretation. There is, however, a clear eeriness to the celebration that the muted horn section amplifies, and that is what truly elevates the track. Score: 6/10

“That’s a Rack,” the other track, is more typical mainstream trap fare. There’s the typical skittering hi-hat and booming bass, but typical is welcome here. The subject matter is evident from the title. Uzi’s zealousness and glee anchor “Rack.” While he isn’t saying anything particularly innovative or interesting, his flow is catchy enough that none of that really matters. Score: 6.5/10

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