Five Songs You Need to Listen to Right Now (3/26/19)

The massive influx of new music every Thursday night, it is easy to miss great songs. As we inch closer to the end of Quarter One, I’m introducing a new segment to the site: Five Songs You Need to Listen to Right Now.

Lizzo – “Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott)”

Album artwork for Cuz I Love You

Lizzo introduced her Cuz I Love You record with the infectious “Juice.” She then followed that up with the rousing title track. Now, Lizzo has joined forces with the legendary Missy Elliott on a sultry ode to big girls that relies on a skittering trap-influenced bear. “Tempo” is fun and sexy, with excellent rap-singing from Lizzo to match. Lizzo has yet to miss with each single that precedes her album and “Tempo” brings the anticipation to a fever pitch. Listen to “Tempo” here. Cuz I Love You is due 4/19.

Megan Thee Stallion – “Sex Talk”

Single artwork for “Sex Talk”

“Big Ole Freak,” Megan’s breakout hit, was built around layered production and a sublime sample. On “Sex Talk,” her first song from her proper debut album, Megan exercises her slick flow over a barley there bass-driven beat. Megan dictates her fantasies and her hotline premise is tried and true. I named Megan as one of my artists to watch (read here) and “Sex Talk” proves me right. Check out “Sex Talk” here.

Sara Bareilles – “Saint Honesty”

Album artwork for Amidst the Chaos

Sara has been consistently delivering beautiful songs and records for well over a decade. Ahead of her latest album, Amidst the Chaos, Sara released one of the most beautiful ballads in recent memory. “Saint Honesty” is raw, honest, and an expert demonstration in songwriting. Case in point: “Salvation is coming in the morning but now what we need / Is a little rain on our face from you sweet Saint Honesty.” Sara will not achieve massive mainstream success with this record, but the lyricism is sharp and the music is absolutely beautiful and that is all that matters. Listen to “Saint Honesty” here.

Thomas Rhett – “Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time (feat. Little Big Town)”

Album artwork for Center Point Road

No, this is not a cover of Panic! At the Disco’s 2015 album track. This collaboration with Little Big Town is funky and explosive. “Good Time” is more Prince than Garth Brooks, but the more pop-adjacent sound works well with Thomas’ voice. Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town anchors one of the verses and her gorgeous voice is the perfect complement to Thomas’. Check out the track here.

Tame Impala – “Patience”

Single artwork for “Patience”

Strings + pianos + classic Kevin Parker psychedelic production = yet another killer record. Tame Impala always has this spacey vibe to their music and it’s stronger than ever on “Patience.” Kevin croons about transition and growth (“Another season changes / And still my days are shapeless”) with a delicate tone that holds together this sprawling solar system of a song. Listen to “Patience” here.

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