DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Ozuna Team up for Underwhelming “Taki Taki” (Review)


It’s quite incredible how much hype this song had. This is Selena Gomez’s second musical release since her kidney transplant, Ozuna is the the most streamed artists of the year on YouTube, and it has the Cardi B effect! This track even had an announcement for an announcement of its release date.

“Taki Taki,” produced by DJ Snake of “Turn Down for What” and “Lean On” fame, is EDM’s biggest mainstream foray at the Latin music trend yet. Blending Ozuna’s smooth vocals and effortless cool with Cardi B’s New York edge and swagger, the song saunters it’s way through three minutes of standard Spanglish lyricism. Although, her verse isn’t particularly great or memorable, Cardi’s presence on the track is still enjoyable. “Taki” reaches it’s lowest point when Selena struts in for her English verses. Her weak vocal performance is barely a whisper above the rest of the track which causes a regrettable dip in energy. Thankfully, she nails her Spanish verse and brings the song to an enjoyable conclusion.

Overall, the track is far too tepid production-wise, especially considering all the artists involved. “Taki Taki,” will be nice filler in a pre-game or gym playlist, but it isn’t the instant hit that many were expecting.

Score: 40

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