Avril Lavigne Returns with “Head Above Water” (Review)

’00s pop titan, Avril Lavigne, has finally returned from her seven-year hiatus with new single, “Head Above Water.”

The rock-influenced power ballad is an excellent return to the music scene and a pertinent reminder of why we love Avril Lavigne. The intense chorus pulls at the heartstrings, but it’s that sneaking post-chorus (“don’t let me, don’t let me drown) that’s truly the best part of the song. The song is inspired by her battle with Lyme Disease and every word is stacked with emotion. There was a moment where Avril accepted she was going to die and begged God to “please help to keep [her] head above the water.” She described it as a “very spiritual experience.” Avril sounds absolutely gorgeous on this track. She is hitting all the right notes, but it still sounds human and natural. “Head Above Water” exudes resilience and strength; the song perfectly positions Avril in today’s music landscape after years of silence. The production is strong and the mixing is especially well-done, every instrument is well-balanced. Overall, this is a gratifying return for Avril done with grace and sheer talent.


Featured Image Source: https://etcanada.com/news/364000/avril-lavigne-has-the-internet-buzzing-over-mysterious-photo/

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