New Artist Spotlight: Lehin

image (1)

London born British-Nigerian rapper and songwriter, Lehin, has released his debut single, “Nothin’ Like.” The sparsely produced solo rap track wears its jazz and lounge influences on its sleeve.

On the track, Lehin ruminates on his musical inspirations (The Notorious B.I.G. and Nas), growing up and his first kiss. In the brilliantly written first verse, he spits, “But interrogate my mind and find wealth in abundance/Wisdom resides in the place that youth once was.” Lyrically, “Nothin’ Like” is very strong. On the other hand, his flow seems a bit stagnant, but the decision to focus on the lyrical content makes sense for his debut single.

The strongest part of “Nothin’ Like” is the hook. Through the instantly catchy hook, Lehin perfectly bridges the different sections and topics of the songs and blends them into one delightful listen of a song.

You can listen to “Nothin’ Like” here.

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