Jessie Reyez Links with Normani and Kehlani on “Body Count” Remix


Jessie Reyez’s “Body Count” was already an eviscerating takedown of the double standard against woman concerning sexual activity and multiple sex partners. Yet, on this new remix, Normani and Kehlani each deliver fiery and fierce verses.

Normani rips into guys with lines like “You were birthed by a woman, show some fucking respect,” while Kehlani shines in her queerness with lines like “I dodge dick for some pussy, something that we can agree on.” The song is a no-holds-barred reimagination of the original. Most importantly, the original artist, Jessie Reyez, doesn’t get lost in the addition of two new vocalists. Her distinct tone (trust me, it’s an acquired taste) pierces through the smooth, traditional R&B vocals of the Normani and Kehlani and adds some edge to the song.

Score: 75


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