Darion Harris Drops New Single, “W.U.L.A”


Darion Harris is something of an anomaly: a young rapper that has an acute sense of business and a sharp ear for the weirdest and most atypical beats. The last time I covered Darion was a review of his set at Gosha Guppy’s concert at The Knitting Factory (which you can find here). On his newest single, “W.U.L.A.,” Darion raps over skittering beat with ad-libs that rival the Migos and a cadence akin to Slim Jxmmi.

“W.U.L.A.,” which stands for “who you lookin’ at” is a fun, confidence-boosting track that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is Darion’s first track under his solo moniker in quite a while, and the second verse on this song reminds us why he’s so great. For the song’s second verse the production transforms into a darker and more ghoulish version of the first minute or so of the song. In fact, by this point, the song could easily fit on the latest N.E.R.D. album. Aside from the production, when Darion raps “why you talkin’ bout money?/you don’t see the vision?” it is clear why he is poised to be the next rap breakout star.

In an age where many teenagers and young adults turn to rap as “a way out” of their current situation, there is a growing lack of artists who rap for the love and the respect of the genre. In Darion’s case, it is clear he loves what he does. His voice warbles with exuberance and joy throughout “W.U.L.A” and his intriguing and almost-futuristic take on trap music is incredibly refreshing.  Darion has cultivated a unique voice and space in rap and “W.U.L.A.” is yet another impressive step on his journey upwards.

Stream “W.U.L.A.” here.

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