Tinashe “Throws A Fit” and Introduces New Alter Ego


If Tinashe was the more reserved and dreamy version of the singer, then Nashe is the unapologetic badass who revels in her cockiness.

On “Throw a Fit,” Tinashe rides a murky trap-inspired beat while she hypes herself up and introduces this new character. Tinashe’s musical journey has been intriguing, and at times hopeless, so the introduction of an alter ego seemed inevitable. The issue with “Throw a Fit” has little to do with Tinashe, and more to do with the production. Tinashe’s conviction in her vocal performance and the way she delivers the lyrics make “Nashe” believable.” However, the production is too safe and lightweight to really make a statement, which is unfortunate because this track has serious hit potential. Nevertheless, Tinashe shouldn’t worry; “Throw a Fit” is still a crazily catchy banger that could possibly set her career back on track.

Score: 65


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