DJ Khaled Drops “No Brainer” With Bieber, Quavo, and Chance


On this lightweight, summery track DJ Khaled reunites the team that crafted his last #1 single, “I’m The One.” Sadly, Khaled seems to have left Lil Wayne in the dust this time.

“No Brainer” features a bright and catchy hook courtesy of Justin Bieber. Bieber is the best part of this track, he floats between his falsetto and chest voice and accentuates his choruses with succinct runs and riffs. Quavo, on the other hand, phones in his verse; his verse is easily forgettable and adds absolutely nothing to the track. Maybe Quavo should take a break from features, he recycles flows and lyrics with far too much regularity. After dropping four new tracks that ranged from lukewarm to good, Chance delivers the second and last rap verse on “No Brainer.” Sadly, he suffers the same fate as Quavo here; Chance’s verse is also forgettable, but at least he brings his distinct energy to the track.

Despite his painfully empty euphemisms and soul-irking shrieks, DJ Khaled knew exactly what he was doing on “No Brainer.” The track is essentially a Justin Bieber song, he sings four choruses and an entire verse. The choice was the right one because Justin holds the song together. His voice is delicate yet firm and he skates on the beat with stunning ease.

I can’t imagine a world where this song won’t be a hit, but “No Brainer” can’t shake the stench of being a lackluster rehash of “I’m The One.” If “No Brainer” and “Top Off” are a taste of what is to come on Father of Asahd, DJ Khaled might want to go back to the drawing board.



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