Single Review: Drake, “I’m Upset”

I'm Upset - Single

With absolutely no fanfare at a lowly 9 P.M., Drake has released “I’m Upset,” his first musical release since his Pusha-T diss, “Duppy Freestyle” and his first official release since his #1 single, “Nice For What.”

This new single, “I’m Upset,” is the latest preview of his upcoming Scorpion album, due to debut in June. “I’m Upset” features catchy yet brooding production that perfectly frames the killer hook that Drake is known for. “I would always take the money over sex / What do you expect? / Got a lot of blood and its cold / They keep tryna get me for my soul” are some blunt and dark lines, but Drake delivers them with such passion and character that you can’t help but vibe along. The song does feel a bit tepid after how strong “Duppy Freestyle was; anything that isn’t top notch will sound off with the year Drake is having.

Complete with a Beyoncé reference (“that shit is in a box to the left, to the left”), an A$AP Rocky shoutout, and more respects paid to the women in his life, “I’m Upset” will be another hit for Drake in a year full of them.

Score: 50

Listen to the new single here

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