Ariana Grande Has “No Tears Left To Cry”


For her first original music release since the devastating and deadly bombing at her concert in Manchester Arena last year, Ariana has delivered a post-house/garage-influenced dance-pop/R&B banger brimming with maturity and ecstasy.

The emotional intro sets the foundation for what seems to be a gorgeous ballad, but then the song transitions into a bouncy pseudo-house beat and it’s only up from there. Ariana, wisely, does not explicitly mention the Manchester Attack, but with lyrics like “we way too fly to partake in all this hate” and “I just want you to come with me/we on another mentality / ain’t got no tears left to cry,” it is clear who this song is directed to.

“No Tears Left to Cry” is dedicated to the beautiful souls lost in the attacks, Ariana’s fanbase, the city of Manchester, and anyone who is ready for a new phase of happiness after a period of darkness. This is especially evident when the euphoric final chorus kicks in; as Ariana’s voice effortlessly switches to higher registers her message becomes more pointed and intense. They say the best way to combat hate is with love and a smile, and Ariana has achieved exactly that with this beautiful new track.



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