Shawn Mendes Comes For Prince of Pop Title With Two New Singles

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Shawn Mendes has been steadily churning out hits, each one bigger than the last, for the last few years. He has a rabid fanbase, good looks, undeniable talent, and a great voice. With his two new singles, “In My Blood” and “Lost In Japan,” it looks like he could be our new Prince of Pop.

On the rousing “In My Blood,” Shawn lets his raspy voice rip over an ominous guitar riff and aphotic drums. Shawn fully taps into his arena rock sensibilities with this raw and visceral new track. “In My Blood,” is mature and fresh, with Shawn floating between his softer tone and the deeper parts of his range over the course of the song. Mendes floats out of his acoustic safe space and fearlessly lets loose in the depths of heavy guitars and drums. Mendes said that “This song is the closest song to [his] heart that [he’s] ever written,” and that much is evident through his emotional vocal performance.

On the other end of the spectrum, is “Lost In Japan.” A decidedly more mainstream pop single clearly influenced by pre-Man of the Woods Justin Timberlake, “Lost In Japan” is stacked with sensuous falsetto and thumping piano and bass. The song is definitely on the sexier side, but it’s not cheesy. Mendes’ vocal delivery and tone elevate the maturity of this song and that’s what makes it sexy. Eschewing his beloved acoustic guitar for a tropical-tinged bass line,  this definitely the biggest sonic risk Shawn has taken thus far.  Both of these new tracks present a new and more mature Shawn Mendes to the world, and the best part is: it all feels natural. None of these new sounds feel like a forced attempt to do something new, they all feel like a natural evolution of an artist that is constantly growing.

“In My Blood,” 79

“Lost In Japan,” 66


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