Bruno Mars & Cardi B Drop “Finesse” Remix

Just after the anniversary of In Living Color, Bruno and Cardi dropped the video to their remix of “Finesse,” the latest single off of Bruno’s timeless album, 24K Magic. The new mix of the song, is thankfully not just, a cut-and-paste of Cardi’s verse into the original track.

Cardi kicks off the song with a cute a distinctive 90’s flow and there are some added “ayyees” in the background of the production. One thing about Cardi B, she may not be a super lyrical rapper, but her intense energy makes her raps instantly enjoyable and memorable. Cardi reappears after the bridge shouting the “Yeah, we got it goin’ on, we got it goin’ on, don’t it feel so good to be us” part with even more energy and sheer joy. On Bruno’ side, he also updated the vocals on his belts during the bridge, so they added a deeper lead vocal to the beautiful harmonies on that part of the track. This remix is a banger in every way possible.

The video, on the other hand, is not simply an ode to the 90’s, Bruno and Cardi revived those vibes and brought it back full force. From the choreography to the editing, to the camera angles and filters, the music video feels like it belongs in that era. Cardi and Bruno have a great genuine chemistry and the entire vibe feels like any POC kickback.

Above all, we have to commend Bruno Mars for his commitment to this sound and the tradition of an album era. 24k Magic was released in November 2016 and it is only 9 tracks, it is currently 2018 and he is still finding new ways to breathe life into this incredible album.


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