Single Review: Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli, “Perfect Symphony”


Well, Ed Sheeran has released another remix to his hit, “Perfect.” This time the song received an orchestral makeover with guest vocalist, the legendary Andrea Bocelli. The song. The arrangement, done by Ed’s brother, Matthew, is beautiful, and Andrea’s voice is as powerful and moving as ever. Funnily enough, the only part of the song that sounds off is Sheeran’s part. His part is the only section sung in English and his vocal does not mesh particularly well with the orchestral instrumental.

Besides all of this, fundamentally, the track feels forced. There is absolutely no chemistry between Sheeran and Boccelli unlike “Perfect Duet,” with Beyoncé. This version also lacks the beautiful harmonies of the first remix and the authenticity of both the solo and first remix version. “Perfect Symphony” is clearly a tactic to remain at #1; two music videos, three versions of the same song, and one lyric video is enough, Ed.


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