Camila Cabello Drops “Never Be The Same” & “Real Friends”

The last time Camila Cabello simultaneously dropped two new tracks, we got the tepid “OMG (feat. Quavo)” and the worldwide smash hit, “Havana (feat. Young Thug).” Obviously, these new tracks have either very small or very big shoes to fill.



The track that is currently being marketed as the official follow-up to “Havana” is “Never Be The Same,” a mid-tempo pop-punk influenced track that is bubbling with a quiet rage that never quite bubbles over. This would be Camila’s first completely solo single since the underwhelming “Crying In The Club,” and it does its job in proving that she can hold her own by herself. The track has an undeniably catchy pre-chorus and hook and the melody is addictive. “Never Be The Same” shows a different side of Camila and proves that she is not a one-trick-pony.



The second track, “Real Friends” could be the surprise hit that only a handful of people are banking on. The song is reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” a worldwide smash hit. With a chilled vocal delivery and universally relatable lyrics. “Real Friends” seems a bit more authentic than “Never Be The Same.” There’s a legitimate story that people can attach to this track, which makes the lyrics even more biting and raw.

I actually think that “Real Friends” should be the new single. “Havana” smashed not only because it was certifiably good, but because Camila was able to make it personal (she was born in a small town just east of Havana) and political (she donated proceeds of the song to DREAMers). “Real Friends” has the same potential and the ballad-esque sound is perfect for the late winter/early spring season. Watch out for this one.


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