Album Review: Kelly Clarkson, ‘Meaning of Life’

meaning of

Introduced by the stunningly emotional “Move You” and the sassy and sensual “Love So Soft,” Kelly Clarkson delivers the best album of her illustrious career with Meaning of Life.

With this new album, Kelly undergoes a makeover as a pseudo-reincarnation of Aretha Franklin. Clarkson’s naturally soulful vocals shine like never before on the album; hitting higher high notes and lower low notes, Clarkson provides a tour de force of vocal agility on Meaning of Life. Aside from the lead single and the two promotional tracks, the album is just as strong and lively.

The attitude-filled “Whole Lotta Woman,” is a swaggering step forward sonically for Kelly and the gorgeous “Slow Dance” benefits greatly from the live band. The use of the live band throughout the record extracts new textures from Clarkson’s voice. Meaning of Life is mature and self-assured and it truly feels like Kelly has finally found her lane in the pop machine. This album is not just a random combination of tracks, it is a statement of purpose and confidence.

“Go High,” the Michelle Obama-inspired closing track, is jubilant and uplifting and it explores new sonic territory while expertly wrapping up the album. With themes ranging from love and sex to body positivity and confidence, Clarkson has created a confection of confidence and charm for the ages.

Key Tracks: “Meaning Of Life,” “Cruel,” “I Don’t Think About You,” “Slow Dance”

Score: 83


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