2017 American Music Awards: Predicting the Winners

The American Music Awards are fan-voted and based on chart success so they should be fairly easy to predict, let’s get going! NOTE: After each artist’s name will be a fraction denoting the amount of AMAs they’ve won out of their total amount of nominations not including nominations achieved this year.

Artist of the Year

aoty amas.jpg

Nominees: Drake (4/22), Ed Sheeran (1/5), Kendrick Lamar (0/2), The Chainsmokers (1/5), Bruno Mars (1/7)

Winner: Ed Sheeran

My money is on Ed here, he’s had the biggest single of the year and one of the biggest albums. Bruno could pull an upset as he did open the show last year and has won before; Kendrick is the other upset possibility, he did when the biggest award at the VMAs this summer and he has had just as big a year as Ed has. Also, Ed simply has a fanbase that is more likely to vote than any of his fellow nominees.

New Artist of the Year

naoty amas.jpg

Nominees: Julia Michaels, Post Malone, Niall Horan, Rae Sremmurd, James Arthur

Winner: Niall Horan

There’s no shock here, this is Niall’s to lose. Julia will put up a good fight but will ultimately be no match for the power of the 1D fanbase. I do find it interesting that Khalid and SZA were snubbed here.

Collaboration of the Year

coty amas.jpg

Nominees: Despacito (Remix), Don’t Wanna Know, Closer, Starboy, I’m The One

Winner: Despacito (Remix)

The song literally made history and was ubiquitous throughout the year, it features AMAs favorite Justin Bieber, it would be a shock if it didn’t win. Maroon 5 has won 3/10 of their AMAs nominations, and their nomination here for “Don’t Wanna Know (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” is basically a thank you for debuting the song at the last awards show. The Chainsmoker’s “Closer (feat. Halsey)” was big, but it’s timing was off, it seems way too late to give this track any awards recognition. The Weeknd has won 2/8 of his career AMAs nominations, but his Daft Punk collaboration wasn’t nearly big enough to win. Lastly, the credited artists on “I’m The One,” DJ Khaled, Chance The Rapper, Lil Wayne, Quavo, and Justin Bieber have won a combined 12/21 career nominations. All of those wins are courtesy of Bieber, I’ll leave it there.

Pop/Rock Female Artist

pop rock female amas.jpg

Nominees: Rihanna (11/26), Alessia Cara (0/1), Lady Gaga (1/9)

Winner: Lady Gaga

My money is on Gaga for the win, she has a rabid online fanbase and performed here last year. Alessia Cara could pull off the upset, she had three huge hits in the eligibility period and is very likable.

Pop/Rock Male Artist

pop rock male amas.jpg

Nominees: Drake (4/22), Ed Sheeran (1/5), Bruno Mars (1/7)

Winner: Ed Sheeran

Usually, a nominee would win their genre category in order to win the final overall category, but last year Ariana Grande won Artist of the Year without being nominated in her genre category. That being said, it is highly possible Bruno takes this one home, but I’m still calling it a win for Ed.

Pop/Rock Duo or Group

pop duo amas.jpg

Nominees: The Chainsmokers (1/4), Imagine Dragons (2/6), Coldplay (0/7)

Winner: The Chainsmokers

A Coldplay win is out of the question, period. The Chainsmokers will probably take this, but Imagine Dragons could pull off a surprise win because they have had more hits as of late.

Pop/Rock Album

pop rock album amas

Nominees: Drake (4/22), The Weeknd (2/8), Bruno Mars (1/7)

Winner: Bruno Mars

It’s a lock. There is no way Bruno loses this one.

Pop/Rock Song

pop rock song amas.jpg

Nominees: Shape of You, Despacito (Remix), Closer (feat. Halsey)

Winner: Shape Of You

It’ll be a race to the finish between Ed and Luis/Daddy Yankee/Bieber, but Ed will prevail in the end.

Country Female Artist

country female.jpg

Nominees: Carrie Underwood (11/23), Maren Morris (0/0), Miranda Lambert (0/6)

Winner: Carrie Underwood

It’s Carrie. It is always Carrie. Even though Miranda had the bigger year, it’s always Carrie.

Country Male Artist

country male.jpg

Nominees: Sam Hunt (1/3), Thomas Rhett (0/2), Keith Urban (1/3)

Winner: Sam Hunt

Sam had the big single, Thomas had the big album, Keith had the big tour and era, but Sam will prevail in the end. “Body Like A Backroad” is the type of smash song that comes once in a person’s career, and it will bring Sam to the finish line.

Country Duo or Group

country group.jpg

Nominees: Florida Georgia Line (5/9), Old Dominion (0/0), Little Big Town (0/1)

Winner: Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line will probably take this home but I would love to see the incredible Little Big Town take it home.

Country Album

country album.jpg

Nominees: Ripcord; They Don’t Know; From A Room, Vol. 1

Winner: Ripcord

No one is beating Ripcord, it was too huge. Next. Jason Aldean’s They Don’t Know won’t win, his track record of 0 wins out of 9 nominations is awful. Chris Stapleton’s stunning From A Room, Vol. 1 also won’t win, he has 0 wins out of 1 prior nomination.

Country Song

country single.jpg

Nominees: Body Like A Backroad, Blue Ain’t Your Color, Dirt On Your Boots

Winner: Body Like A Backroad

There is absolutely no way “Body Like A Backroad” will lose this. Sorry, Keith and Jon!

Rap/Hip Hop Artist

rap artist.jpg

Nominees: Drake (4/22), Migos (0/0), Kendrick Lamar (0/2)

Winner: Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick takes this one. He had the #1 single, the #1 album, and the #1 tour, no way he loses.

Rap/Hip Hop Album

rap album.jpg

Nominees: C U L T U R E, More Life, DAMN.

Winner: DAMN.

Again, Kendrick. Next.

Rap/Hip Hop Song

rap song.jpg

Nominees: I’m The One, Black Beatles, HUMBLE.

Winner: HUMBLE.

Again… Kendrick. Next.

Soul/R&B Female Artist

soul female.jpg

Nominees: Beyoncé (7/30 as a solo artist), Rihanna (11/26), Kehlani

Winner: Beyoncé or Rihanna

Kehlani isn’t winning and it’ll be a photo finish between Bey and Rih. It could go either way.

Soul/R&B Male Artist

soul male.jpg

Nominees: Bruno Mars (1/7), The Weeknd (2/8), Childish Gambino (0/0)

Winner: Bruno Mars

Basically, if Ed takes Pop Male, Bruno will win. If Bruno wins Pop Male, The Weeknd will take this.

Soul/R&B Album

soul album.jpg

Nominees: 24K Magic, Starboy, “Awaken, My Love!”

Winner: 24K Magic

If Bruno wins Pop Album, then The Weeknd will win, and vice versa.

Soul/R&B Song

soul song.jpg

Nominees: That’s What I Like, Location, Starboy

Winner: That’s What I Like

“Location” could possibly pull off an upset, but the smart money is on Bruno’s “That’s What I Like.”

Alternative/Rock Artist

rock artist.jpg

Nominees: Linkin Park (5/9), twenty one pilots (2/3), Imagine Dragons (2/6)

Winner: twenty one pilots

All of these artists could take this. Linkin Park could win as a tribute to Chester Bennington, twenty one pilots won this award last year, Imagine Dragons had the biggest year out of the three nominees. I put my money on twenty one pilots.

EDM Artist

edm artist.jpg

Nominees: The Chainsmokers (1/5), Calvin Harris (2/5), DJ Snake (0/0)

Winner: The Chainsmokers

Snooze, next.

Soundtrack Album

soundtrack album.jpg

Nominees: Moana; Trolls; Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol.2

Winner: Moana

Moana will take this home; it had the big inspirational song to take it home. Trolls had “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” and Guardians has the name but they will be no match for Moana.

Video of the Year

voty amas.jpg

Nominees: Despacito (Remix), Shape of You, That’s What I Like

Winner: Despacito (Remix)

Despacito is the most watched video on YouTube of all time, case closed.

Tour of the Year

tour amas.jpg

Nominees: Coldplay (0/7), Garth Brooks (16/30), U2 (1/8)

Winner: Coldplay

Three touring legends, one winner. I think Coldplay takes this, they have the relatively younger fanbase and the largest revenue within the eligibility period.

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